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Like any new type of industry, perhaps even more so in the entertainment business, video games have had a rocky start. The initial gaming platforms were too expensive and unaffordable to most gamers. Besides, there was the initial stigma surrounding games and gamers. Due to these two factors, it proved to be quite a challenge for online gambling at first, to stand on its own feet. In the later decades when consoles began to be introduced and computers becoming cheaper, game developers could create an extensive consumer base which meant bigger games and higher ambitions.

The increased popularity of video games that followed the release of the first models of consoles began to increasingly attract bigger entertainment companies that saw the potential make greater inroads into the gaming market. Consequently, the gaming industry of today has become a multi billion dollar business, with high profile individuals and companies involving themselves in some capacity or other.

Of course, there are risks involved, as it is with any other business. When more money is invested, there are also increased expectations. In order to avoid compromises on their vision, many game developers have turned to their fans for the necessary funding, a practice that has led to some successes, as also a number of failures. Regardless of the setbacks that the industry may have had, they help in bringing the imagination alive of countless people around the world, to a level that no other type of entertainment can achieve. As games mature, serious institutions such as NASA have given their own input to games, especially games that deal with space travel, thereby resulting in an increased level of fidelity and perceived quality from the fans.