Evolution of Games

evolution-of-gamesThe first iterations of video games have been quite underwhelming by today’s standards, however at that time, most of it was nothing short of amazing. With the passing of time, and the rapid advanced in technology and the resultant computing power, video games began to gain the capacity to push the boundaries of the realms of gaming further and further, with ever increasing fidelity to the source material. This makes it much more easy for the participants to involve themselves in the virtual world created specially for them. Like in the past, there are now, massive numbers of people who are invested in alternate universes that were created by writers, movie producers and so on. With the evolution of video games, producers and publishers have capitalized on the interests that certain demographics have with different universes. This brought about a whole host of games to cater to those specific needs. If at first the gaming industry was quite niché, so to speak, people even being looked down upon for engaging in such activities, today the video game industries easily rivals that of the movies some game budgets exceeding that of most movies being produced these days.

The fact that gaming is one of the few things that allow gamers to actively enjoy the experience and try to change the outcome based on their way of playing, and the choices they make, has been attracting an ever increasing crowd. Today the stigma of video games does not exist as it used to, while there was a time when gamers were mostly portrayed as young men lurking dark rooms, playing games surreptitiously. However, the gaming audience of today, belonging to all ages and sexes, are free to enjoy their games. This goes on to prove that video games are already a type of entertainment that is consumed by masses, not unlike popular movies that helps to attract even ore money into the business.