Games as a Business

games-as-a-businessGames, like movies, need go through a process of conceptualization, design and delivery of the final product to the gamer. Most of the times, due to the expensive nature of the video game business due to the increasingly high production costs involved, there is an understanding between the game developer and the game publisher to create games that can really sell. With most of the game developers not having enough money to transform an idea to an actual game, they have to rely on a publisher to provide the necessary financing. This choice however has its own strings attached to it, as most of the publishers are more interested in making as high a profit as possible, rather than offering the best gaming experience. As a result, many games of today end up as less than satisfactory for the gamers, due to the number of compromises that a developer has to make in order to appease their publisher.

These rather controversial decisions that publishers make in regards to their games for the sake of profit has drawn a lot of anger and flak from gaming fans everywhere, thus the concept of crowdfunding had started to gain momentum. Crowdfunding means a promise that the game developer makes to their fans, about a game/s that still does not exist. In order to avoid the publishers and the attached strings, they appeal to their fans directly to pledge the money for the game, in order for it to be developed. It goes without saying that upon completion of the game in question, the backers would receive the game for no extra charge. A number of games have been quite successful in getting crowdfunded and ended up making good their promises, of delivering a game that really excites them. This has helped in reducing the hold on the publishers on the developers.