Risks of Gaming

risks-of-gamingLike any other industry that invests massive amounts of money, there are a number of risks involved in games, from both the consumer’s and developer’s point of view. With crowdfunding becoming so popular in terms of financing game development, there have been a large number of cases in which once the money was pledged by the backers, the game in question never came to fruition or it was but a shell of the game promised. In such situations it is almost impossible for the initial backers to get see any of their money back. There is also the risk of game developers to overpromise and overhype their products, in order to attract funding as this raises expectations from the consumer side, that could never be fulfilled.

Currently there is a game in development which is a massive space odyssey theme that has managed to attract through crowdfunding, a whopping one hundred million dollars. It is a game solely funded by fans with the space genre. In fact, the fans seeing the initial game pitch have at times have ridiculously high expectations of it. During the crowdfunding process, it is quite common for game developers to create targets that can be reached in terms of funding, and with each of those, new features and mechanics are being promised. This in itself represents a risk, of what is called feature creep. What feature creep means is that the developer, in order to attract more and more funding, fails to realize that, once the promised targets are reached, they need to actually deliver the overly ambitious, feature rich game. Once fans sponsor a game, they tend to get deeply very involved with the project and more often than not fails to deliver on what they have envisioned, making the fans react to it negatively. Consequently, the game producers that do choose to fund their game through crowdfunding need to be aware of the risks.