Rocky Start of Games

rocky-start-of-gamesAt the dawn of the age of video games, there were not many options in terms of selection and types of games. During those times, there was not a big number of producers that would risk investing in this type of entertainment, due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons that comes up quite often when anyone tries to explain the rocky start of the gaming industries, is that the necessary hardware and the appropriate technology were extremely expensive. This reveals that a lot of people would have become interested in gaming, if they could afford the cost of indulging in such a hobby. As a result, for a long period of time, games were not at all lucrative, with the exception of arcade machines.

The birth of the arcade games really started a gaming revolution, as businesses began to pop up all around this novel concept of making the arcades a business enterprise. These arcades were in fact locations where people could gather to play a whole variety of games, and this was also a time when a large number of popular gaming franchises were born.

While arcade games were quite popular, they were also very limited in scope, as most of the arcade machines were quite heavy and bulky and provided only a very small selection of games. It was with the passing of time, and the reduction in the price of personal computers that many game developers began to focus on similar type of hardware, but it was with the launch of the first types of gaming consoles that gaming began to be consumed en masse. Before the launch of the consoles, games were not very user friendly, some knowledge was required in order to install the games, and being able to run them. in fact the newly developed consoles became a resounding success because they were easy to play with.