Visions of Space

visions-of-spaceIt is a well known fact that the one characteristic that could describe humanity as a whole, is the insatiable desire to push beyond the horizons, and to go further than any man has ever gone before. In the beginning, it was the sailors and their trusty ships that would cover the oceans far and wide, braving the elements and risking their own life, in the hope of discovering new worlds and people. As time passed, the planet began gradually revealing its secrets, making humanity to look upwards to the sky, as one ocean remained to be conquered and that was the ocean of stars.

All those who lived in the mid 20th century can remember the times that were characterized by uncertainty on the one hand, but also hope. Those were times of great uncertainty, with the cold war was hanging over everyone, but it was also a time of hope, for many were inspired to do great things. there are persons who can still recall the first time the Sputnik completed its first revolution around planet Earth. And before long, people across the world has witnessed the first humans to set foot on the Moon with the famous quote “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. While the space race ended and one of the main competitors for world dominance being dissolved thus ending the cold war, the hopes of exploring the universe further still remained. Today state funded institutions such as NASA, ESA and Roscosmos try to push the boundaries of men ever further. At present, some private companies are also trying to travel into deep space, a reality for more than just a select few. Until that becomes a reality, the only means of reaching for the stars for the common man is through video games.